Eun-Sul Jang is more than just a Korean translator. Experienced in Israeli-Korean business relations since 1996, she has helped dozens of Israeli companies build a good communications with their Korean partners, customers and suppliers.


Eun-Sul's main expertise is consecutive translation during business meetings, mostly English-Korean-English. Her practical spoken Hebrew is also helpful in various situations. Eun-Sul performs consecutive translation around the negotiation table, during presentations, and in classrooms for training courses - in the field and in the workplace, in Israel as well as in Korea. She has made about 100 business trips as a member of Israeli business delegations to Korea.


In addition, Eun-Sul has experience in documents translation, QA and proofreading, mostly for the defense industry and High Tech. She also lectures about Korea to diverse listeners.


Between 2003 and 2009, Eun-Sul worked as a Korea sales manager for an Israeli diamond company and as a project manager for a software start-up (Artificial Intelligence). 


With her diverse background, incredible work ethic and intuitive communications resources, Eun-Sul has proven time after time the quality of her work and her contribution beyond pure translation.
Eun-Sul has a B.A. in Mass Communications from Keimyeong University, Korea, and lives in Israel.


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