Mind your manners!
DO give and receive with two hands.
DO pay enough attention to the business card when received.
DO call beforehand if you will be delayed.
DON’T address Koreans by given name.
DON’T display criticism in public.
DON’T use large hand gestures or facial expressions.
DON’T use a finger when you want to point to someone.

Communication :
DO keep it short and simple: KISS.
DO check understandings and summarize regularly.
DO ask open questions to make sure the conversation is not one-sided.
DO use clear written agendas for meetings.

Dinning manner :
DO note that the eldest are served first, and they also begin eating first.
DO try a little bit of everything.
DON'T use chopsticks to point at something or to pierce food.
DON'T ever place your chopsticks parallel across the bowl!
DON'T insult Korean food!

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